Two level monkey bar, swedish wall and pull-up bar

The complex consists of eight vertical columns with different height , one crossbar with the lenght of 800mm, one horizontal monkey bar, one inclined monkey bar and one Swedish wall. Lenght of the monkey bar is 1952 mm for the horizontal and 2000mm for the inclined. Width of the classic monkey bars is 800mm, distance between the crosbars is 274mm. Width of the inclined monkey bar is 942mm, distance between the crossbars is 274mm. Height of the Swedish wall is 1678mm, width 800mm, distance between the crossbars is 274mm. The complex is secured together with aluminium clamps.

  • Vendor code: K-036_kids
  • Height: 2050 mm
  • Weight: 275 kg
  • Dimensions: 2832 mm x 4134 mm
  • Longest part when transporting: 2650 mm
  • Minimum required installation area: 7334 mm x 6032 mm